Improve email deliverability with our All-In-One Auto Tool for a Reliable Email Channel

Our mailboxes are equipped with advanced AI automated processes to ensure the highest email deliverability rates for Email Marketing campaigns.

The ultimate email delivery tool

Get your emails back in the inbox and boost your email deliverability with Zharik's automatic mailbox warming.

Easy to Set Up and Automate

Experience the seamless connection between your mailbox and our cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine. Let her expertly warm up your mailbox at the perfect pace, ensuring a truly optimized experience.

Keeping an eye on everything

A clear and open method will keep you informed and in control. Improve the performance of your email marketing efforts by using tools like the Email Deliverability Checker, Email Health Checker, and Email Template Checker.

Effective email behavior

Your emails will be opened, classified as important and "not dangerous", and taken out from the spam folder. Your sender's reputation will rise significantly as a result.

Test your domain with
other ESP's

Check your email deliverability with several email providers to determine if your emails are ending up in a certain provider's spam folder. Get fast feedback on how to improve it. Request a demonstration

Connect your mailbox

Connect your mailbox to so that we may automatically provide insights for you.

Click the Test button

Click "New Test" and we'll start the test for you.

Get new ideas every day, week, or month

You can choose when to run your tests to keep track of changes and how well your email deliverability is working.

Streamline Team Management with our Dedicated Dashboard

Zharik offers a centralized dashboard, empowering you to conveniently manage various aspects of your team by accessing comprehensive employee and client information, mailbox functionality, subscriptions, and more. Easily share updates and insights with your team, enabling your business to thrive and experience significant growth. 

Works seamlessly with all major email providers!

Zharik is  is designed to work seamlessly with all email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others. Users can easily connect their accounts from any of these providers and utilize the product without any compatibility issues or limitations.
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